Recruit and transform dozens of allies, fight SRPG battles, explore whimsical realms, and play seven branching storylines in a story-rich, thought-provoking saga.

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The future is yours to transform in seven interconnecting storylines in this story-driven RPG. Outcasts of the Rift combines exploration and SRPG combat with an elaborate plot, rich lore and vibrant art. Navigate the longstanding, ever-escalating conflict between the Roncefleurais and Kikusekin Empires and those caught in the rift between as you try to prevent a war between them. Explore these two utterly different empires throughout the interconnecting storylines and recruit dozens of anthropomorphic animal allies into your brigade. Use the Morph Magic Scepter’s vast transformative power to reshapes allies, objects and ultimately the world!


  • A single-player, story-driven, art-focused RPG combining SRPG combat with narrative game elements

  • Transform yourself, your allies and objects with morph magic and use it to progress past challenges

  • Multiple transformations that not only change the cast physically and mentally, but also alter the storyline and affect their gameplay in strategy RPG battles

  • Seven interconnecting storylines with multiple choices, endings and scenarios presenting many values, worldviews and perspectives

  • A thought-provoking, non-linear plot with themes of loyalty, power, bonds, maturing, change, choices and consequences

  • A diverse and memorable menagerie of 40 animal characters to recruit and bond with

  • Recruit characters from opposing factions with diplomacy and strategy

  • Strategy RPG combat where characters’ species and sizes influence gameplay, with dozens of classes, weapon types and skills

  • Learn more about the world’s extensive lore by interacting with it and exploring it

  • Vibrant visuals illustrated with a rich and expressive art style bursting with character

  • Accessible gameplay that can be enjoyed by all ages, but caters to many different play styles, allowing players to make the game as easy or difficult as they want

The future is yours to transform!



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