Welcome, visitor from afar. I am Maris Graywave, Marquise of House Graywave in the Roncefleurais Empire, Minister of Peace in the Kikusekin Empire and current Talekeeper.

As a Talekeeper, my duty is to seek truth about the past and present within the pages of the Talekeeper Book and share it with others. The book’s magic records the world’s memories, and lets me see snippets of the past and present from anywhere in the world. However, I cannot choose what I view. The Talekeeper Book also grants me the ability to distinguish truth from lies. It is my duty as the Talekeeper to use these skills to benefit the world.

Goodness, I’m rambling. My apologies. That is all you need to know about me for now. Rather than occupy your time by narrating my own life story, I welcome you to explore the Kikusekin Empire and Roncefleurais Empire. While you’re visiting, speak with the denizens of both empires and learn what they have to share about the world. Everybeast’s perspective will color the information they give you.



How you haven’t heard of the Roncefleurais Empire and Kikusekin Empire, the two superpowers who dominate the known world, is beyond my comprehension. Even the inhabitants of the most remote outlying islands must know of the conflict between the two empires.

The animals of Kikuseki and Roncefleur have never been on good terms with each other. It all began eons ago, after the world shattered into pieces, separated by large, impassable rifts. Higher powers gifted the first leaders of what would become the Roncefleurais Empire and Kikusekin Empire three magical scepters to develop their budding nations.

This is the only part of the legend that both empires agree on. They have been in conflict ever since. Roncefleur resents Kikuseki for having both the Light Magic Scepter and Morph Magic Scepter, while Roncefleur only has the Dark Magic Scepter. They claim that they were given two scepters, and Kikuseki seized the Morph Magic Scepter from Roncefleur. Kikuseki claims they were given two scepters, and Roncefleur has repeatedly tried to seize the Morph Magic Scepter from them.

Over countless seasons, Roncefleur and Kikuseki pulled neighboring nations into their conflict and grew into vast empires encompassing their whole continents. Kikuseki prospered, developing an extensive trading network using its plentiful resources, and became an incredibly rich and beautiful empire devoted to peace and order. Roncefleur languished, plagued by poverty, storms and revolutions, and became a troubled and gloomy empire seeking change and disruption.

Both empires suffered through several conflicts over the ages. The last war was particularly bloody, and Roncefleur and Kikuseki faced catastrophic losses. Even the Riftlands, the small stretch of fertile contested territory between both empires, was reduced to a bare patch of dirt. For many seasons after, Roncefleur and Kikuseki have avoided warfare, but I fear due to recent events that the conflict is coming to a head once again.

Now the Rift is slowly closing, much to Roncefleur’s pleasure and Kikuseki’s chagrin. Kikusekin living near the Rift have observed this phenomenon and the rumors have reached the royal family. More Roncefleurais are noticing as well, and biding their time to attack. War looms like a storm cloud, moving closer to both empires, ready to strike at any moment. I have a wing in both empires and I am not sure what path my life will take if—or when—war breaks out. Only time will tell.


I heard you have audiences with both Princess Dauphine Lysette of Roncefleur and Rising Prince Sentaiyo of Kikuseki. That’s quite an honor! They will someday lead their respective empires. Why don’t you speak with both of them first before visiting other animals? It wouldn’t do to keep them waiting. Each empire has its own tale about how the world, the empires and the conflict between them came to be.


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I can also introduce you to other animals in the brigade. Throughout her travels, Princess Dawn has accumulated many fascinating allies. Who would you like to meet?

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And more!

Other allies may be added in the future.

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