Hello, I’m Odette the Duck, Princess Dawn’s tutor. I trained her in morph magic. Truthfully, I am not a duck, but a schwanenjungfrau, a species of shapeshifter. Shapeshifters are not always liked, so I prefer to keep my true species hidden. I’ll share with you my knowledge about shapeshifters.

Shapeshifters are species of animals that can transform using morph magic. While there are morph mages who are normal animals (that’s what we shapeshifters call animals who don’t have our powers) who can transform themselves into different things, they are different. They don’t become more powerful when they transform themselves; it’s more like a disguise. True shapeshifters have a special innate form that they instinctively know how to change into.

Each empire classifies shapeshifters differently. We Roncefleurais call our shapeshifters weres, and Kikusekin call their shapeshifters yokai.